Thursday, October 2, 2008

Don’t Let Money Ruin Your Marriage

In “Don’t Let Money Ruin Your Marriage”, by Kadlec (2008), he explains how we can take our marriage to a safe land. First, he starts with his experience with his wife and how he began to save $20 a week for their future. Then, the author talks about the needs of every couple and how they cause some money problems. Thus, the numbers of divorces are getting high when women start to work, even if she raises the security for the family, because she becomes more independent and forceful, which may give her the right to control the money. In addition, Kadlec gives some advice to couples that they should talk outside the home for coffee or lunch and try to discuss the problems to fix them, not to judge. Furthermore, people always buy many extra things that they do not need just because people saw them on TV or the internet. In contrast, our great grandparents had financial difficulties in their live and that is why we called them “the sandwich generation” which means, in that time, it is hard for couples to deal with their financial stress. They are like the meat between two Slices of bread. They worked hard to help their children to go to college. And they also, take care of their older parents. Consequently, couples should help each other to solve their problems and have a great life for themselves and their children.
I agree with the author’s point that two earners under one roof make both couples more able to pack up. However, people should think in different ways to solve their problems if it comes worse. If the couples see that their problems come worse when they work in same time, they should decide whether they need the wife job or not and then she can leave her job to get an even quiet life.
or at at least change her job - if her husband has a good job. I agree with the author’s point that said the rules of dealing with money are changed. In order to ensure their future, men and women both needs to have a job. For this reason, they should use money in priorities’ needs. In other words, they should not spend their money simply for everything they saw it in Television or Internet. They should but same limit to their spender.
In fact, our lives need some sacrifices to continue. However, we - husband and wife - should work together to solve our problems. Like what the author said, go outside the house for coffee or in a park to discuss problems. Also, we should not talk about any things when we are mad or angry until we feel more comfortable and are able to debate in an excellent manner. Because, when we are mad we always divided in other subject. We cannot control our speech.
In my experience, my husband and I always try to think about reducing mad feeling by respecting each other’s thinking. In the beginning, I always thought I am the right and he is the wrong but he also thinks that he is the right and I am the wrong. And that makes our problems increase. For this reason, we thought that it is better if we discuss the problems without thinking of who the right is and who the wrong is. Maybe we are all wrong or maybe we are all right or at less half right. So, from that time until now, we did not decide how the right is. Just we talk in general, like what we need from each other and what we expect. In addition, the problem should be kept inside the home without telling any family members or friends so the problem does not came bigger. Finally, I hope everybody can think that life is sweeter when you share your life with your partner.

Kadlec, D. (2008, May). Don’t Let Money Ruin Your Marriage. Money, 44-46. Retrieved 5/22/08 from Ebsco database.

compering Saudi and U.S school:

in Saudi Arabia's schools, girls and boys are separate than etch other. they have a girl's school with women teachers. also, we have uniform depending in witch school they are. boys have also, their school and men teachers. and they where Saudi traditional clothes. in my country, we have two semesters in a year. in addition, we have the same class from morning 7 a.m until afternoon 12 or 1 p.m. depending in witch level and school you are. and also, we have many subjects and because of that we have different teachers. and they all come to our class. Except if we have a sport, cooking, or computer class. but in university it is a little bit different. we don't have to where a uniform clothes. In girl's university we switch classrooms. for my experiences, I think be separate is match better than to be together. So, every student can focus in their study not for relationship. witch is good for study environment. but maybe in Saudi Arabia we need to cheang the way that teachers work with students. because they almost have the idea "we are teachers and you are student" we should respect them and no friendly relation between teachers and students.

Monday, September 29, 2008

coffee & tea

Actually, I’m in love with coffee. I’m kidding. But in fact, I can’t imagine my life without it. It not just because make me weak up, but also make me in better mood and very exciting to chatting with my friends. In addition, sometimes when I feel I’m done from CESL :P , I go to starbucks to order a caramel macchiato. Even if I late a little bit in class, but that all for helping me to keep going and be very focusing in class:). However, I’m not very friendly with tea. But I should drink sometimes with my husband. Because he love tea very mach.and he don't like to drink it alon. In my country, we have some tradition in drinking coffee and tea. Whenever we have visitor we should start with coffee and dessert, Chocolate, or any think else have a sweet flavor. The reason of that our coffee is without sugar. Then after we finish the coffee time, we move to tea time. Tea time should include some dumplings and pastries or also any think have salt flavor if course because the tea is sweetly flavor. After we finish this introduction we can move to the dinner or lunch or whatever it is, it depending on the time of day.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

tha United States movies >>>

"Evita" is a story of Argentina women who fight a lot in her life then finally she becomes a president of Argentina. This is a briefly description in one of my favorite movie. It touches my hart every time I saw it. However, usually I don't see movie more than one time but this movie is different, I saw it many times and I still want to see it again. I LOVE American movies, in general, specially romantic and social movies. In America they have many producer of flims which make a competition in movie production. And help to make a great montage and actions. in the other hand, I didn't like to watch the foreigen movies ether my national films because they have pooring products. Also in my countries the films are not so good. It could be because my country is still new in movies' production. Moreover, people in my country like American movies and a few of them watch foreign films. Finally, I believe that United States movies are makking some show of American culture to everybody. That is clear when we can't find a home without at least one person love to see American movies.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

" My favorite type of music "

My favorite type of music is that kind of calm music which is expresses emotions and feeling like what you say. My favorite artist is Elissa, asala, and Fairooz and all musicians who song like those spicily Arabic musicians. When I hear them, I feel happiness and relaxation. Moreover, when I hear them I remember the best time that I spended with my wonderful friends. However, Fairooz, is an old women artist she start song before I was born. So I begin lesson to her from the time that I like hear music. But Elissa she considers newest comparing with fairose and I begin lesson to her from couples of years.

This is some music for them. I hope you enjoy. :)




Wednesday, September 10, 2008

my favorite food...

I like many kind of food. Italy food like Spaghetti and Pizza, and Indian food like Chicken tikka masala ... what I like it most is my mother food. I like whatever she cooks. She makes every thinks beautiful as she:). In that picture that you are post it, reminded me in spicy Indian food which I start eating this kind of food when I was in honey moon:). However, I don't eat spicy food before that time. Though, my husband asked me to try the Chicken tikka masala , which is a famous food in India. Trust me it very delicious food in the world but I keep drinking the jar of water until I finish the meal and my husband laughing on my until the morning:(

Friday, August 29, 2008

my first reaction in coming to U.S.

When I came to U.S. I was so tired. the trip was to long and boring. However, I know that I will miss my family because my husband and I planed to study in U.S for a long time. Moreover, when I arrived I didn't found any friends from hometown. And you know when you go to new country you feel that you are stranger so you need to see someone from your backhome or Friends. finally, now I know many Friend and I have a lot of fun and I don't want to go to backhome, just to visit my family then I come back.